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Capture a special moment forever

Freestanding 3D Casts

Detailed 3D casts beautifully displayed on a solid wood base

Capture a special moment to treasure forever

Suitable for babies, children and adults. 

3D casts are the perfect way to capture every tiny line, crease and wrinkle of the special person in your life.

Each unique cast is hand painted with a several fine coats of metallic paint and finished with sealer to protect them.    A handcrafted solid wood or tumbled marble base can be added if you wish.

Casts take approximately 5 weeks to complete.

Hand & Foot Casts finished in silver

Baby & Child Casts

Prices for under 2 years.  Other prices available upon request.

Single Foot  £35
Single Hand £45
Two Feet £70
Hand & Foot £80
Two Hands £90
Wood or stone Base £10


Single Freestanding Hand Cast finished in Bronze

Freestanding Clasped Adult Hands

Clasped Hand Casts

Clasped Adult Hands     £125
Mum and Baby Statue     £120
Clasped Child Hands (over 10 years)     £110
Clasped Child Hands (under 10 years)     £100

Wood or stone base                       £10

Freestanding Mum and Baby Cast