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Capture a special moment forever

Framed 3D Casts

Little hands and feet beautifully presented in fully glazed solid hardwood box frames in a choice of colours

Important Notice. 

From April 2021 I have moved to a new supplier for my frames.  The new frames are a good match to my originals but the mount layouts will differ slightly.   If you have previously ordered please contact me to discuss available options before booking.  Thank you.

Luxury Hardwood Box Frames:  Our frames are top quality solid hardwood frames which are fully glazed to protect your casts from dust and damage. We only use deep rebated box frames so your keepsakes will look great when viewed from any angle, there are cheaper 'shadow box' frames on the market but have chosen not to use these as we feel your precious casts and keepsakes deserve to be presented in the best possible way.





Many people choose to provide a photo after they have attended their little one's casting session, especially if they have professional shoots booked.   This is absolutely fine, it's important to choose the right picture and we understand and are happy to wait for the photo.   If you do choose to provide a photo at a later date, please note that your order will be ready to collect 3 weeks after we receive your photo.   This gives us time to have mounts cut and assemble and finish your order.  


Cast ColoursOur casts are handpainted with several fine layers of metallic paint, which contains real metal particles for an authentic finish.  The finishes available are Bronze, Gold, Silver and Ivory


Framed casts include one engraved plaque.  The engraving is on two lines and can contain a name and age (or date of birth).

Colours available are gold, black and silver.


Single Hand Cast - Bronze finish - brown frame

Brown Frame with Bronze Cast

Single Casts

Single foot cast £90

Single hand cast  £100


Gold Foot Cast - Natural Wax Frame

Natural Frame with Gold Cast


Pair of Feet Casts - Bronze finish - Natural waxed frame

Oak frame with bronze casts

Cast Pairs

Two Feet £125

One hand and Foot  £135

   Two Hands £145



Oak frame with Bronze casts


Double Hands & Feet Casts - Bronze finish - Dark Stain frame

Brown frame with bronze casts

Four Framed Casts

Two hands and two feet £225

Two hands and two feet casts with photo  £250

If you have more than one child, then we can take casts from each of your children and display them together in one frame.  We are happy to go through the options available and give prices.

Double Hands & Feet Casts - Gold Finish - Brown waxed frame

Oak frame with bronze casts


6x4 Photo with Single Foot Cast - Bronze Casts - Natural Frame

Bronze casts in Natural Frame

Casts with 6 x 4" Photo*

Single Foot cast with 6 x 4" photo*  £115   

Single Hand cast with 6 x 4" photo* £125

Two feet casts with 6 x 4" photo* £145

Hand and foot cast with 6 x 4" photo* £155

Two hand casts with 6 x 4" photo* £165

* 6x4" photo not included

Hand and Foot Casts with Photo  - Casts Ivory finish - Black frame

Black frame with Ivory casts

XL Photo with hand casts - gold finish - natural waxed frame

Natural Frame with white casts

Casts and Photo*  XL Frame

Two feet with 6 x 4" photo*   £155

Hand & foot with 6 x 4" photo*  £165

  Two hands with 6 x 4" photo*  £175

* 6 x 4" photo not included.




Frames which hold a photograph are designed so that the photograph is permanently fixed in.   This is done by us at the time of mounting the casts.  

If you wish to have the photo changed in the future, it can be done but the photograph will be damaged in the removal process.  

The charge for changing photos is £10 (if the original mount can be reused), or £20 if a new mount needs to be ordered.