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FAQs - 3D Casts

3D Hand & Feet Casts - Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do the casts by post?

As I have to take the moulds myself, it is not possible to arrange casts by post.  Silver jewellery is available by post, I send a out a printing kit for you to take the prints and return to me.  Please contact me for further information.

How long does the appointment take?

Each mould takes up to 2 minutes to set; I allow 45 minutes for an appointment to give you time to choose your frame etc and to ensure your child is happy and relaxed.  Appointment times will vary depending on the amount of casts you require.

What's involved?

A. Your little one's hand or foot is placed into the moulding gel for approx two minutes until set.  It is then gently removed and comes out clean.  The gel sets to a firm but not hard consistency and little fingers and toes can wriggle until set.  Parents/adults are able to hold their children throughout the process.   Once we have taken the mould, you are free to go home as the rest of the casting process is done later.

Can I have more than one cast made from each mould?

In order to remove the casts, the moulds have to be broken and it is not therefore possible reuse them.

Are you part of a franchise?

No, Kiddiecasts is an independent business which was founded in 2010.  

Why should I choose Kiddiecasts when I can buy a casting kit and do it myself?

The casting process requires lots of practice, something which can be expensive if you are buying kits.   As a lifecasting specialist, I have experience which helps to ensure that I get a good result. I have read many reviews of home kits which say they are a waste of money.    

Is it safe?

Yes.  The moulding gel (alginate) is made from seaweed, is biodegradable and non-toxic.

Can you guarantee a good result?

Unfortunately not all moulds are successful.  I can usually tell when taking a mould if there are likely to be problems, and will take another one to be on the safe side.   Very occasionally this is not obvious until the casts are removed and it may be necessary to arrange another casting session, which will be free of charge.  

How old does my child have to be?

Casts can be taken of all ages. I have cast newborn babies and the casts turned out perfectly. Prices shown on the website are for babies and children under 2 years of age.  Please contact me for prices for older children and adults. 

Why will my order take 5 weeks to complete?

It is important that the casts have enough time to dry properly before they are finished.  To ensure a quality finish I need to leave enough time for the other stages to be carried out properly.

Where do we go?

Appointments for castings are carried out at my home in Bradwell, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.  Personalised jewellery and mugs can be arranged by post.

I don’t drive, can you come to me?

I am not able to come to clients on an individual basis. If you are local and have friends that would also like their children cast, then I could come to you.  More info is available here.

Do you sell casting kits?

Not at the moment.  This is something that I am working and hope to be able to provide a kit which makes it possible for you to get really good results at home.  Reviews show that some people have been very disappointed with home casting kits and say they have wasted their money.  This is something that I do not want to happen, and I will only produce a kit if I think that a good result can be achieved.   

What types of frames do you use?

Some companies use shadow box frames which look nice when viewed from the front.  We use high quality solid hardwood box frames which are great viewed from any angle. They are fully glazed for a professional finish which also protects your casts and keeps them dust free.   Our frames are produced in the UK,are hand finished and are available in choice of colours.