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What's Involved?

The process for taking 3D hand and foot casts


3D Baby Hand & Feet casting is:

Quick – the moulding gel takes approx two minutes to set.  We allow 45 minutes for an appointment to make sure the process is not rushed and your child is relaxed and happy.  Appointment times are approximate and depend on how many casts are required and the time taken to choose frames and other customised options.

Clean – baby’s hand or foot is easily removed from the mould and comes out clean.

Safe – the moulding gel is made from seaweed, is non-toxic and biodegradable.


  • Casting sessions are held at our premises in Bradwell, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.
  • Your little one's hand or foot is placed into the moulding gel for up to two minutes until set.
  • It is then gently removed and comes out clean.
  • The gel sets to a firm but not hard consistency and little fingers and toes can wriggle until set.
  • You will be able to hold your child throughout the process.
  • Once we have taken the mould, you are free to go home as the rest of the casting process is done by us.
  • There are five further stages to be carried out before the casting process is complete.
  • Your order will be ready in five weeks. 

If you choose one of our photo products we need to have your photo at least two weeks before the collection date of your order.